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                    Restoration Air Systems Cleaning

                          Fire, Smoke and Microbial Remediation

Fan and electronics after house fire before cleaning.

  Fan and electronics after cleaning and deodorization.

Fan compartment with microbial contamination before cleaning.

Fan compartment after cleaning and treating.

When a building has fire or smoke damage there is a need to have the HVAC systems cleaned to eliminate indoor particulate and odor. The smoke and soot needs to be removed from The Entire air handling system not just the ductwork. Dirty furnace components A coils, coil compartment, fan and fan compartments all  need to be cleaned to eliminate soot and smell.

RCS has proprietary techniques to ensure that the HVAC system wont smell when its put back into service. Our specialized techniques can save the insurance company money by cleaning and deodorizing. You can also eliminate callbacks by using RCS as part of your structure deodorizing plan.

After water intrusion whether it be from flooding , roof leak , etc buildings that get wet don't always get dried properly. Buildings that sit with their heating and cooling systems off for long periods of time are susceptible to high humidity and microbial growth. Often an overlooked step in microbial remediation is cleaning of the air handling systems.

These systems can spread mold, funguses and bacteria all throughout the interior of the structure. Cleaning and decontaminating of these areas is crucial to the indoor air quality of the building.RCS is experts in cleaning after smoke, soot and microbial remediation. We do hundreds of jobs every year that require post remediation clearance testing and we are familiar with containment so you don't have to worry about your mold jobs failing!

RCS completes hundreds of restoration jobs every year for fire, water and mold contractors around Missouri and Illinois. You don't have to trust your companies name with a under qualified and under trained duct cleaning company. At RCS air systems cleaning is ALL we do and as a result we have the proper training, state of the art equipment, proprietary techniques and project management experience to do any size job.

Don't have the project management experience to complete a large building, school, or industrial HVAC cleaning? Contact Us  We have techniques, methods, manpower , equipment  and training to offer  your company.


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