Supply air inspection opening shows  heavy debris.

Huge air handler fan
  100 ton fan cleaning

 Cleaning of turning vanes in large supply duct.  

Large dryer exhaust
Large hotel dryer exhaust, needs cleaning
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                      Commercial Air Systems Cleaning

Look up, do you see any black around the ceiling tiles around the air vents? If so there is a strong possibility that your mechanical systems need cleaning.

Having your buildings heating , ventilation and air conditioning system cleaned could very well save on energy costs and reduce sick days for the occupants, a buildings duct system acts like its lungs and circulatory system.

Many commercial buildings have poor filtration in the air handlers , as a result you get a large amount of particulate inside the building. Cleaning of these systems takes a specialized crew with special techniques to ensure the health and safety of the buildings occupants.

When these systems get clogged full of particulate and debris they fail to operate efficiently and effectively. Dirty air ducts can trap and collect bacteria and mold. In older buildings these systems may harbor asbestos and lead paint dust.

Dirty air conditioning coils and drain pans can be an ideal breeding ground for mold and funguses. Cleaning of these coils will improve the efficiently of the system as well as improve the indoor air quality of the building.

RCS has 15 years in commercial and industrial air systems cleaning. We have the project management and technical experience to handle any type of system. Large roof top ahu, large coil banks, hepa filtration systems, desiccant dehumidification systems, multi story systems, ventilation systems and more!

RCS is also experts in HVAC microbial remediation. We can clean and treat: interior of ductwork, registers, ahu, furnaces, A coils, coil compartment, coil drain pans, fan, fan compartment, turning vanes, reheats, filter banks and filter compartments. We can also remove and replace worn, damaged or mold contaminated duct liners.

RCS experience includes healthcare, surgical suites, clean rooms, institutional, building ventilation and exhaust systems, commercial dryer vent , schools and industrial cleaning.RCS can bring your commercial project in on time and on budget.

RCS also offers consulting services to other contractors. Need specialized trained manpower and equipment for your large HVAC  cleaning? Contact us we offer specialized equipment ,training and project management!

Cleaning & Treating Of:
  • Air Handling Units - Built Up AHU
  • Roof Top Units
  • Refurbish Air Handling Units- Replace Insulation, Detail Clean
  • Coils, Coil Compartments, Drain Pan
  • Fans, Fan Housings, Fan Compartments
  • Ducts, Dampers, Vanes, Mixing Compartments
  • Remove & Replace Worn or Mold Contaminated Duct Liners
  • Dryer Exhaust Systems
  • Building Exhaust Systems
  • Make Up Air Systems
  • Hazardous Material Removal From Ducts


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