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Depending on the scope of the repair and project requirements, HVAC equipment may be refurbished for less than 50 percent of the cost of new equipment 

Evaluating the cost of replacement vs. refurbishment when it comes to HVAC equipment is a tough decision, but one that every facilities professional will probably face. So how do you know when refurbishment is a viable option?

If  it seems that the refurbishment will offer at least 10+ years of reliable serv­ice, it’s probably worth the work and money. Some equipment is robustly constructed and can easily go beyond its statistical useful life with refurbishment.

A straightforward device (like a central  air-handling unit) can be cleaned up, leak tested, receive a replacement fan shaft, bearings, control valves, and damper actuators; and be vi­able for many years.

Large built in place air handling units often have the building constructed around them when new, removal and replacement of these units is very costly and invasive.

Units with dirty coils, leaking drain pans, worn or mold contaminated fiberglass liners, rusty and corroded metals can often times be refurbished for about %25 of the original cost or less.

This applies to large built up units 10 – 100 ton, smaller packaged units may not be worth refurbishing due to small size and access to internals and complexity.

The  pictures are from a project started last weekend, four 80 ton air handlers had mold, fungus and worn fiberglass liner inside them.

RCS was employed to inspect the buildings 26 year old HVAC system, air handlers, VAV boxes, supply air ducts, return air plenums for signs of visible mold. A 3rd party took air samples from all 6 floors of the building. It was determined the building tested clean and the problem was localized to the air handlers.

RCS Drafted a custom scope of work and timeline for this project, presenting options to the facility managers, closed cell foam was specked to replace the fiberglass liner but, due to cost issues, fiberglass liner was re installed.












First step was removing (scrape) the old worn liner from inside the fan compartment, then vacuuming and treating the compartment.

We cleaned and treated the fresh air intake compartment, return air plenums in the penthouse on the roof, coils, coil compartment, drain pans, fan compartment, fan housing, fan, supply air plenum and the supply air ducts inside penthouse.

Some facilities request re finishing of the fan, fan housing and metal supports inside the units, for this we use an industrial epoxy.

Once everything was cleaned we installed new mechanical fasteners followed with fiberglass liner, mastic and new foam seals for the doors.

Each air handler will be completed in one weekend shift.


  • Air-handling unit refurbishment typically costs about 25 percent of the installed cost of a new unit.
  • Leaking drain pans can be epoxy coated to provide a smooth corrosion resistant finish that stops leaks.
  • Intact duct liner can be coated with a repair coating to resurface the liner.
  • Removal and replacement of internal liner can be performed in large duct work.


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