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Where do you start? How do you hire the best contractor? Duct cleaning is not as simple as most carpet cleaning, window cleaning etc companies would lead you to believe. It takes a true specialist with proper training, education, and equipment.




You first starting place should be NADCA the national air duct cleaners association. They set the standards, provide education and certify companies. This alone will not guarantee a proper cleaning job.

Consult with your neighbors and friends to see who they used, and where they happy with the job performed. Many sites have contractor reviews: angie’s list, service magic, google places, yahoo, BBB etc. Read the comments left by customers.


I highly recommend using a contractor that only performs duct cleaning, remember you want a specialist working on your expensive heating and cooling system.


Ask the proper questions, who will come to my home? A sub-contractor? Are they capable of cleaning the entire air handling system?

A complete and thorough cleaning to help asthma and allergy suffers should include cleaning of the supply and return air  duct work interior , vent covers, washing of the fan and fan compartment, washing of the air conditioning coil and coil compartment.

By cleaning all of these components you have cleaned everything that air passes through in your HVAC system.

Experience plays a big part in the quality of service, how long have your technicians been cleaning air ducts?



vacuum truck

Powerful vacuum truck provides the suction for cleaning.



What type of equipment do they use? “Negative air” (under suction)  cleaning systems are considered industry standard for duct cleaning.

Roto brush, shop vacuums and carpet cleaning equipment will not provide a thorough cleaning job.





Last but not least don’t expect a thorough and professional job for $49.99!  Do you think a company can spend an entire day at your home for that? Through takes time, an average duct cleaning for a 1000 square foot home is about $400.

This may not include the furnace cleaning. Time will range from 4 hours to 6 hours or more depending on the access and dirt load.


RCS Air Duct Cleaning has invested thousands of dollars into training, tools and technology. This is the ONLY service we provide, and we are experts in what it takes to be done properly. Contact Us for a free estimate.

RCS Restores Air Systems in Wilson School After Fire

RCS duct cleaning technician in action.

RCS air duct cleaning technician in action.




On March 29th at 2am a  fire damaged a historic building of The Wilson School, a private school on DeMun Avenue.

The most significant damage was to the older portion of the school, a building that dates to 1916 and is the work of noted architect William B. Ittner.

The building was there nearly 50 years before The Wilson School moved in in 1960.

The school sustained heavy smoke and water damage, the demolition and cleaning are complete now its time for reconstruction.




RCS Air Duct Cleaning was called to clean and restore the remaining 7  HVAC systems in the damaged areas. These ranged from heavy smoke smell to almost none. In order to ensure the most thorough and complete cleaning and deodorization, RCS used its 20+ years of knowledge of fire and smoke damage restoration.

RCS cleaned the remaining furnaces, fans,air conditioning coils and ducts. There was a large make up air system with a desiccant wheel cleaned as well. The make up air system was wet cleaned by hand, crawling through and wiping the interior of the duct with cleaner and smoke odor counteractant.

RCS has proprietary techniques to ensure that the HVAC system won’t smell when its put back into service. Our specialized techniques  save the insurance company money by cleaning and deodorizing instead of costly removal and replacement of HVAC systems

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